This service consists of collecting large volumes of data from several sources (private and public) and combining information obtained from social media platforms and market data. Strategic Information seeks to offer a more comprehensive understanding of the net through exhaustive reports.

Strategic Information is aimed at individuals, companies or entities wishing to base their strategies on impartial, analytical information.

Tenthman’s data collection platform enables us to explore open sources and gather large volumes of data either retroactively or in real-time. In addition, we can carry out an exhaustive analysis and classification of any sort of data traffic and content as well as extract additional information.

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Types of analysis available:

  • Analysis and client’s online reputation
  • Profile and reputation of the competitors
  • Management and digital strategy methods implemented by the competitors
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Technological surveillance
  • Intelligence applied to the market
  • Intelligence applied to research
  • Sentiment assessment
  • Impact of campaigns
  • Online clipping
  • Additional ad hoc examinations